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 How do I return a Partner item ?

The return of Partner items is free of charge and can be made within 30 days. You can return a Partner item without logging into your customer account.

Follow these steps to return a Partner item:
1.      Prepare the parcel In the parcel sent by the Partner, you will find a return form to be completed with the reason for the return, as well as a return label to be used to return your item.
2.      Replace the item in its original packaging (shoe box, textile packaging...) and pack it in a parcel.
3.      Then stick the return label (found on the delivery note) to the parcel.
4.      Drop off your parcel off at a post office.<br><br>Remember to write down the number of your return so you can track it!

You will be refunded within 10 working days. You will receive a confirmation email once the refund has been made.
Please note, it is not possible to make a Partner return in one of our stores.
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